Car Storage Contract


This is not a lease


BETWEEN the following 2 parties:


Bill Bess of 140 Industrial Blvd, Fayetteville, Georgia, 30215 (aka The shop)

Representing Bess Mobile Service, LLC D.B.A. BMS Auto Repair & USED CAR SALES Telephone: (404) 445-8866

- AND -


an individual/sole proprietor & considered a Commercial Customer of BMS

Telephone: (678) 668-9066  



$500 Monthly Car Storage Agreement (No Key)

The purpose of this car storage agreement, is to clarify the terms of car storage and acceptable business transactions. All local, state, and federal laws must be followed and thus override anything in this agreement if this agreement is found to be in conflict with the law. Following the law is everyone’s responsibility. All fees discussed within this agreement is non-refundable.


You will be given parking spaces for a maximum of 10 cars parked on the property designated by BMS Auto (Bill Bess, owner). Although most of your cars will be inside the gated area most of the time, we reserve the right to park cars on the property outside the fenced area as deemed necessary by BMS, based on space availability. All cars will remain on the property of BMS Auto 140 Industrial Way Fayetteville Ga 30215 while you are paying storage charges unless you give permission for the car to leave.

Your rate is $500 monthly for 10 car parking spaces on the property due on the first of every month. You will get a receipt for each payment. LATE FEE of $25 will be assessed on the 6th of each month if payment has not be received. It is your responsibility to pay on time. No additional fees apply to pay in person when you pay on time, but you must call in advance to schedule your payment at the shop. For an additional $5, you may pay over the phone or leave a credit card on file. We accept cash, credit or debit for all major credit cards except American Express.

You will not be given a gate key at this rate of $500 monthly. The Gate will be open from 9 to 5 Mon – Fri and 10 to 2pm Saturday and closed on Sundays. You may request the gate be opened outside of these hours when needed. The gate must be closed after each time you use it and never left wide open unattended.

Each car must have a key on the property, windows rolled up, and convertible tops/sun roofs closed. This is not a lease; this is car storage only. No working on cars other than flat tire or battery jump which is your responsibility. All other repairs must be approved by BMS only. You are a customer of BMS while on the property and all request for car repairs, services or any transaction dealing with money must go through BMS Auto (Bill Bess) and no one else.

You are responsible for any maintenance needed on your cars while in storage that pertain to weather and/or not moving or not operating for long periods of time. BMS is only responsible for damage caused by BMS.

Acceptable Business Transactions. 

All business transactions conducted on the property must have approval by BMS who will have 100% managerial and approval authority.

Car Sales. We will help you sell your cars if you request it. We ask for all profit over your asking pricing. All cars will be sold “AS IS”. Car sale prices are determined by each owner. Additionally, if car sales is requested, mandatory $50 advance car sales fee (per car non-refundable) is required in advance of all car sales and must be renewed every 60 days if the car doesn’t sale. Car will be placed in a position on the property by BMS with a for sale sign. The $50 fee will cover one time: 32 point inspection, cleaning, vacuum, wash, signage, and placed on the owning dealer web page added to BMS’ website and Craig’s List for sale. Car will be parked on front lot for best visibility as long as space is available. Cleaning & wash without sale, is $20. Renewal fees include the same items except no vacuum and no inspection.  

Car Repairs. This is a commercial agreement intended for operating practices for yourself as a commercial customer, vendors and wrecker drivers. Car repairs are only intended to get auction cars and other cars ready for sale, and not for everyday customers. Once a car is sold “AS IS”, all parts and labor are the owners responsibility. 

No customers are allowed inside the fence or shop work area and should not be present unless in the process of buying a car and your car sales fee has been paid.

If you wish for your cars to be repaired on BMS property, you may request parts and/or labor quotes from BMS only and you will be given a considerably lower rate than our normal rate of $83 an hour, prices to be determined by each individual job. All labor is 100% controlled & managed by BMS while your cars are on the property.

You may buy your own parts or get them from me. If you buy parts, you are 100% responsible for the parts to include parts inspection, delivery, defects, malfunctions, restocking fees, prorated prices, and the labor associated with the part. It is all at your expense. BMS stands behind its labor and the parts we buy for 12 month/12000 mile warranty on new parts and 30 days/1000 miles for used parts, and 3 months / 3000 miles for used engines and used transmissions.


Either party must give 30 days notice to terminate this agreement. No refunds will be given. This agreement will automatically renew 1 July 2018 if neither party has decided to terminate and will be enforced on a month to month basis.

No other business transactions are authorized without BMS approval. No signs or signage may be placed on the property nor placing signs on any vehicle without BMS approval. No weapons are allowed on the property unless it is inside the car that you are driving and will leave the property the same day. Any violations of this storage agreement may terminate the contract. $20 daily cleaning fee for trash or cigarette butts/tips thrown on the ground.

Fleet Rates, Late Payments, Non-Payments, & Per Car Rates.

Fleet rate. This agreement of $500 monthly car storage is a fleet rate or group rate (best possible).

Late fees. Payments are due the 1st thru the 5th and $25 late fee will be assessed on the 6xth if you are late. If you pay late 2 consecutive months, the late fee will immediately increase to $35 indefinitely and will be enforced on any future late payments. If you are late 3 consecutive months or 4 times within 12 months, your monthly car storage rate will automatically increase to $500 monthly and $35 late fees will apply if you are late. 

Nonpayment. No cars can come on or off the property after 30 days of non-payment until all charges have been paid in full. If you do not pay for 45 consecutive days, your cars will be considered abandoned. So at this point, if you were on the $500 monthly rate and were late 45 days straight, you would owe late fees and charges for both months equaling $1050.

Per Car Rate. After 60 consecutive days of non-payment, you will be assessed and billed an additional one time $250 administrative fee covering all cars. This is to place every car on a “Per Car” rate with individual invoices of $65 per car monthly on day 61, which equals $650 monthly for 10 cars. Each car will be billed separately. At this point you will have an additional 9 days to pay in full all monthly charges and late fees owed and remove all cars from the property during normal gate hours if you can no longer pay.


After 70 days of non-payment, each car effected will be assessed a $275 Abandoned Car Fee, monthly fees, late fees and liens will be placed on each car by Bess Mobile Service LLC. In order to regain ownership, you must pay all fees and charges for each car you want before the Abandonment Process has been completed through Fayette County Magistrate Court and Georgia Department of Revenue.



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Commercial Customer                                                                   Repair Shop / Storage Lot Owner

Name: _____________                                                                 BESS MOBILE SERVICE, LLC